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Why From Ice To Spice?

We are two Icelandic travel addicts starting a travel all over Asia in 2015. We wanted to share our travel and write about our experiences as we go, but instead of long texts we will be using as much of photos and videos as possible. When trying to  come up with a name for the blog many names came to mind. From ice to spice seemed descriptive as we are flying from the cold in Iceland to the spicy culture in Asia. It also had a corny, catchy feel to it which we liked

About us, Asa Steinarsdottir and Andri Wilberg

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A 27 year old engineer student with a mind of an adventurer. Born and raised in Norway but moved to Iceland at the age of seven. Since then I have used every chance to escape the little island in the Atlantic and mostly worked abroad in Norway and Turkey over the summertimes. Looking forward to start a one way ticket journey, with no end date or itinerary. Along the way I will indulge myself in passions for photography, scuba diving and hiking.


A 29 year old medical graduate from Iceland that has had his share of studying for now. Looking forward to spending the next months travelling abroad with no specific plans or worries. Hoping to get lost, experience new tastes and smells, and meet some strange and interesting characters along the way.