Our first days in Morocco

This Easter we decided that Morocco would be our next destination. Visiting the country has been our dream for a long time. We’ve always wanted to spend the night at a traditional riad, explore maze-like medinas, and drink try the local mint tea. So finally we booked a few flights that would get us from Iceland all the way to North-Morocco where we would start our journey.

Our first days in Morocco

It felt weird flying from snow-foggy Iceland all the way to Morocco. We were both a bit confused landing at the airport in Tangier, partly because we hardly believed that we were actually here!  Before we went on the trip, we had both been working like crazy and it takes a few breathers to realise, you are actually in another continent, disconnected from your life at home.

Our first stop was the city, Tangier, located in North Morocco. We had rented a car that was ready for us when we landed at the airport. We jumped in our car and felt the excitement for the next couple of days take over.

Day 1 – Tangier

The town itself was nothing special, but we enjoyed walking around the old town and grab a fresh fruit shake mixed with nuts.

We checked in at our lovely hotel, where we got a free upgrade to a big suite with a beautiful view. We quickly realised that the hospitality of the Moroccans is unlike anywhere else. Every time we checked into a new hotel we were offered fresh mint tea and some delicious cookies. Our hotel was located at the beach and was partly empty, so we enjoyed the seaside before hitting the road. Tangier would be our only stop located by the ocean, so we tried to enjoy walking around the deserted beach.


Our next stop would be the blue town of Chefchaouen. The town is known for the variously hued blue-washed buildings located in the Rif Mountains of northwest Morocco.

We jumped into our rental car and set our destination into Google Maps. According to the map our drive was suppose to take 2 – 3 hours. However the road between those two towns wasn’t very good and the traffic was super slow. However that didn’t bother us as the route was quite scenic. Everywhere we would see cute little towns, where the locals were riding their donkeys wearing colourful hats. The nature was also very beautiful, with green valleys and mountain drops in the back, which definitely kept us busy during the drive that ended up taking us around 5 hours.


Day 2 – Chefchaouen

We finally arrived to Chefchaouen on that sunny afternoon, the town itself is just as charming and BLUE as online photos show! We were so amazed walking around the bright blue colored narrow streets. Apparently there many nice hiking paths in the area, but since we only stayed one night we decided to enjoy the city itself.

The blue color covers not only the houses but also the streets, its mosques, government buildings, public squares and even its lampposts and trash cans! The tradition dates back to the 15th century where the blue colour was suppose to mirror the sky and remind the citizens of God. It must have been so charming back in the days, with locals dressed in their traditional clothes roaming around the streets. Today it’s a bit different, where you will mainly see tourist armed with cameras and selfie sticks and of course the cute cats!

Chefchaouen is a perfect place to wander around and shoot some photos. However since it’s a very touristy place in Morocco, we were satisfied after staying one day.

This happy kid just landed in Morocco 🔷 Anything you recommend? 😊

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Day 3 – Fes

Our next destination was located 340km away, or the city of Fes, often referred to as the Morocco’s cultural capital. It’s primarily known for its old medina, with its vibrant souks and charming architecture.

The medina is home to world famous leather tanneries. The Chaouwara tanneries are one of the city’s most iconic sights offering a unique insight into the natural process of leather.

While visiting Fes we stayed at a lovely riad (an old traditional Moroccan hotel ) called Riad Fes. We fell absolutely in love with the place as it was the perfect place to relax between wandering the busy streets of Fes.

Riad Fes

The View

The Rooms

The facilities


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