2 Day Tour in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

I’ve always wanted to go for a weekend roadtrip to Snæfellsnes Peninsula during winter. Usually I’ve only been visiting during summer, but this time I teamed up with Extreme Iceland and my good friend Elísa and we joined a 2 day trip to this beautiful area.

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is one of my favourite part of the country. The nature is stunning, combining lava fields, basalt cliffs, glaciers and black beaches. Early Saturday morning we were all dressed up and ready for a weekend of adventure. The bus picked us up and our guide: “Crazy Sven” introduced himself. All together we were a group of 8 people from different countries in the minibus. Apparently it wasn’t the best weekend weather-wise, but we were still super excited for the tour!


Our first stop of the trip was the powerful Deildartunguhver hot spring! It’s a very interesting spot since it’s Europe’s most powerful hot spring. In fact it produces 180 litres of water per second of 100°C hot water. We walked around the geothermal area and watched the smoke rise up in the air. When we walked closer to the spring we could notice the bubbles coming from the ground and smell the sulphur.


I was so happy when I realized that the second stop would be Hraunfossar waterfall! This place translates to lava falls as the water comes flowing out from a big lava field. It’s an unbelievably beautiful and unusual natural phenomena. I had been here before, but I was excited to show it to Elísa who was visiting for the first time. We walked around the area and enjoyed watching the turquoise coloured water flow into Hvítá River.

Lunch at Húsafell

After the first two stops of the trip it was time for lunch at Hotel Húsafell. There was a delicious lunch buffét waiting for us upon arrival. We decided to go for the meat soup which is a traditional dish here in Iceland. The hot soup was also perfect for warming up the body after the cold windy weather. At the dinner table Crazy Sven told us some exciting stories from his travels in Iceland. Apparently he once got lost on a glacier and had to make a snow house in order to survive while waiting to be rescued! We quickly realized that our guide was no ordinary person, but a real Icelander with a very tough background.

Seal watching

After lunch we finally headed towards Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Our first stop was a black beach which is a famous seal colony. Thera are hundreds of seals regularly hanging out there and they are naturally curious about humans, so usually it’s possible to get quite close to them. When we arrived it was getting dark, but we could still watch the seals play around close to shore. While watching the seals Crazy Sven told us a story when he brought his snorkeling gear with him and went swimming with the seals. So now that’s definitely on my bucket list when the weather gets warmer.

Hotel check in

After we had admired the seals for a while we jumped back to the bus and headed towards our hotel for the night. The hotel was quite small but very cosy. After checking in we enjoyed a warm shower and a delicious meal at the hotel. We were all really tired after this busy day and went quite early to bed.

Lava caving

Since the weather was quite crazy the second day we started by visiting the lava cave Vatnshellir. It’s the perfect solution when Iceland is windy and rainy. I was very excited since it was my first time visiting this cave! Equipped with helmets and flashlights we followed the guide into the darkness of this lava tube. The guide was very informative and he even sang for us an Icelandic troll song. The cave was super impressive especially since it was 30 m deep! It was a little bit of a scary feeling, but still so magical.


After some memorable adventures 30m below ground we jumped back into the car. Next stop was Hellnar where the plan was to eat lunch. The food was delicious and the restaurant was situated right next to the beautiful town-church. I used the opportunity to go out and shoot some photos in the foggy weather.


After lunch we jumped back to the bus and drove towards Djúpalónssandur black beach. At this point of the trip the weather was quite extreme but on the bright side we had the whole beach to ourselves. We ran down the cliffs in order to explore this magical black beach. Crazy Sven read some Icelandic poets for us and lead us down the safest way. He showed us 4 stones that were lying on the beach. The story says that an unknown fisherman used these stones to determine if people were strong enough to become sailors. If they couldn’t lift a certain stone they were not allowed to join the trip.


Our two final stops of the trip was Arnarstapi, an old fishing village. We took a walk along the coastline to watch the birds and the magnificent lava formations.


We were super thrilled with our weekend trip and I can truly recommend Extreme Iceland as a tour operator! If you are interested in their tours you can check out their vide selection of tours in Iceland here. 

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