How to avoid getting eaten by a shark

How to avoid shark attack

Every year shark attacks are reported worldwide. They have increased in the past decade with growing popularity and beach vacations. When travellers spend their day on a white beach and run excited towards the ocean to cool down, many tend to wonder about this cruel predator living beneath us.

There are few persons that are as afraid of sharks as my travel companion and boyfriend Andri. He is the strap-a-knife-to-my-leg kind of person and is well prepared for fighting those killing machines. Therefore, I dedicate this post to him and to all those who generally want to avoid to end of the stomach of a shark.

While sharks inhabit oceans all over the world, attacks are most frequent in Florida, Australia, Hawaii, South Africa, and California. So to begin with you might want to avoid these spots 😉

How to avoid getting eaten by a shark


Don’w swim with jewelries.
Before you put up your swim goggles and snorkelling pipe, be sure that you have removed all your jewelries. They tend to sparkle and have the same effect as a fish bate. Sparkling things draws the shark’s attention – which you want to avoid!

Avoid swimming in murky water
Swimming in dirty/murky water can increase the chance of a shark mistaking you for one of their usual prey sources like turtles or seals. Most sharks don’t have very good vision, and that’s why humans can look like something that is usually on their menu.

Snorkelling in Sri Lanka Pigeon island

Avoid splashing and move gracefully
You want to keep your movements graceful – like a sophisticated fish! Try to avoid splashing on the surface of the water and sudden movements. As soon as you start splashing and moving around like an idiot the shark will think that you are wounded, making you an easy pray!

Snorkelling in Sri Lanka

But don’t behave like a seal!
The most common reason that sharks attack humans is because of mistaken identity. The shark thinks that the human is a seal which is their favourite meal. So you want to avoid behaving like one. In fact, humans are not on the shark’s menus, they rather choose animals with higher fat and nutrition. Usually the sharks spit out the body parts they bite from humans because we are too “boney” for their taste. Because of their poor eyesight, they need to feel objects over with their mouths to decide whether they want to eat them or not.

Activities like surfing is the most common factor for sharks mistaking a human for a seal.

Swim in a group
It has been shown that most often sharks attack lone individuals. That’s why you want to swim among a group of other people.

Swim in a large group

Stay out of the water at night and during dawn and dusk
Sharks hunt most actively at these times, and they’re harder for you to see in dark conditions.

Keep away from fishermens
Where there are fishermens there is usually plenty of fish. Where there is plenty of fish there is the ideal place for a shark.

Don’t go to far out from the beach
Try to stay on the more shallower areas, since the sharks usually stay in more deeper waters.

Swimming in turkey antalya

Stay out of the water if bleeding
You know this one! Sharks can detect one drop of blood in a million drops of water (25 gallons or 100 liters) and can smell blood 400 m away. So stay out of the water if you have an open wound.

So keep those factors in mind if you are afraid of sharks or just stick to the swimming pools! 😉

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