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Travel gear

Before you start your long-term travels there goes a great time into planning; how long should I stay? Where should I go? How much money do I need? and finally and in our opinion the tricky part, what should I take with me?

Travel gear is an important part of any backpacking trip. So today we want to share some items that we invested in before taking off and have been extremely useful during our journey.

Long-term travel is all about packing light while making sure you have all the essentials to make your travels as easy as possible. We chose to emphasise on good quality, comfortability, and multi-functionality, to avoid needing to replace worn-out equipment every few months.

Ultimate Packing list for long term travelling


Osprey Aether 60L Backpack

First we want to tell you about the backpack we chose for our long-term travels. After doing a lot of research online we got to a conclusion; Osprey is the leading brand in backpacks today.

The Aether 60L was our final choice and we couldn’t be happier! Osprey thinks about every small detail in their design. They have a rain cover which is built into the backpack, so in wet weather conditions or dirty luggage compartments, all your gear is protected.

Osprey really focuses on lightweight durability and comfort. One of their perks is the built in ventilation system, which keeps the body of the backpack separated from the user’s back, producing circulation of air. Most of Osprey backpacks have proprietary storage systems, including detachable sections, stretchy pouches and custom attachment points. All Osprey packs include full suspension systems with shoulder and hip straps.Other features include floating-top lids, compression straps and water-bottle pockets.

osprey aether backpack review

Osprey Airporter

Osprey doesn’t only design high quality backpacks, they also make sure you have every accessory you might need with it. Osprey airporter keeps your backpack from damage and theft after check in at airports. The cover weighs practically nothing and it folds into itself for compact storage.

Osprey backpacks, airporter

Sea To Summit Tek Towel

Many hostels and guesthouses will not include towel with the room price. So for us it has come handy to travel with our own. The downside with travelling with a towel is that they take up a lot of space in your backpack and can take a long time to dry. However the brilliant brand Sea to Summit has solved this problem by designing a super absorbent and quick drying towel made from microfiber. You can choose different sizes for the towel but all of them are super light and take a little space in your backpack.

sea to summit tek towel microfiber


Spork says it all! A must for travelling (Fork + Spoon + Knife what a masterpiece!). If you are not convinced about the brilliant use of fork – then read 101 uses for spork.

spork for travel

Sea to Summit 100% Silk sleeping bag

100% premium stretch silk sleeping bag which adds up to 10 degrees of warmth. It’s perfect in warmer climates or shaky hostel beds. It also keeps away the bugs because it’s hard for them to fix on the silk. Its lightweight and super compact and has a built in pillow case.

100 silk sleeping bag, sea to summit

Bose Noise cancellation

There is no better feeling than getting in to a airplane or a train with all it’s background noise and put these up. The Bose Noise Cancelling headphones blocks most of the background noise and you get the feeling you’re alone in the world.

Bose noise cancellation headphones

Sony RX100

Meet the Sony RX100, an award-winning compact digital camera named best compact camera. It has won 3 years in a row now. This camera is ideal for travel, portraits or street photography, delivering impressive results in a variety of lighting conditions with an intuitive, customizable control interface

Sony RX100 review

Nike Flyknit His & Hers

These we invested in before hitting the road. The great thing about Flyknit is that they are ultra lightweight and the knitted design makes them almost as breathable as open sandals.



GoPro Hero 4+ Silver Edition

GoPro and all it’s accessories. If you are a photo buff like us, then the GoPro will be one of the best “value for money” cameras to catch all your activities on film. Even if you aren’t into extreme activities the super wide lens will get you amazing shots when others fail (check out our photos of Burj Kahlifa in Dubai). Its also perfect for awe-inspiring time lapse scenes.

GoPro Hero 4 black edition

Hard Drive

Simply to store a selection of movies or when your computer get’s overloaded with images + videos. Also to have a secure backup of your travelling photos.

hard drive travel

Power bank

A power bank is a portable charger for all your USB devices and it is an absolute must-have product during travels. It can be useful to charge your camera/smartphone during a few days hike in the wilderness or simply during a long bus ride. The power bank comes in a variety of shapes and sizes; the more expensive ones will be able to charge 2-3 devices at the same tim or one iPhone at least 5-6 times.


nextech 5000 mah power bank

Waterproof phone cover

When you are travelling within the tropical climate zones the weather is hot and humid. The monsoon rain can also sneak up on you when you least expect it. Waterproof phone cover makes sure that your smartphone is well-protected. Having your phone protected takes the stress away during boat rides, hiking trips, water fights and other activities you participate in while travelling.

Waterproof smartphone cover, sea to summit

Pocket knife

How many times have you been in a situation where you’ve said to yourself, “Damn, a knife would be really handy now!” It’s unbelievable how many times a pocket knife has come in handy during our travels. We use it for cutting fruits, opening boxes, cutting rope, tags, and strings, for camping and fishing and more. Our pocket knife has also a built in bottle opener and nail clippers.

pocket knife review

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    Will & Laura @ Bottled Air
    June 4, 2015 at 2:21 am

    We love sporks, they are our favourite travel item. Unfortunately Will lost his (again) in Bangkok, so now we’re down to one 🙁 Hopefully we can buy one in Yangon.

    Also travel towels are awesome. Great post, very helpful!

    Happy travels 🙂
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    • Reply
      Ása Steinarsdóttir
      June 29, 2015 at 8:01 am

      I totally agree! There is nothing like having a spork in your bag, specially in India where the restaurant expect you to eat with your hands. 🙂
      You mention that you have been in Yangon! 🙂 We are going there in few days…how did you like it over there?

  • Reply
    January 24, 2017 at 4:25 am

    One advantage of having a good trip is light backpacking. I always have a lightweight backpack. Also, the stuff which are brought along are important also. They should be all must-have items.

    Annually, I travel with my beloved daughter. We all fancy fashionable backpacks in pink. Any suggestion on this?

    Thank for your info and please keep it up.

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