Travel Experts share their favourite New Year’s Eve Destinations

Travel Experts share their favourite New Year’s Eve Destinations

We decided to contact a few travel bloggers and ask them about their favourite New Year’s Eve destinations.

Barry from Tools of Travel


Taiwan, Taipei

I’ve spent New Year’s Eve at some remarkable places such as Sydney, Edinburgh, and Siem Reap. Yet one of my most memorable was Taiwan at the Taipei 101 building. The Taipei 101 firework display is the pinnacle of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Taipei. Until 2010 Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world and has a remarkable 101 floors above ground and 5 floors below. The 101 building has been celebrating NYE in style with its spectacular fireworks show since its creation in 2004. Further away areas like Elephant Mountain and Tiger Mountain in Xinyi District’s Sishou offer great viewing spots. Also the Xianjiyan Hiking Trail and the Zhinan scenic spot offer picturesque places to enjoy the display from a distance. During NYE the vibe simply incredible and unlike nothing I’ve never witnessed. Things were just simply alive everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of people turned up for the event and thestreet was alive. Yet surprisingly amongst all these people it was still possible to find a good vantage point to view the show. After the midnight countdown the fireworks display begins and all those nearby and from a far are treated to one of a kind firework display.


New Years eve taiwan

Valter and Guilia from Tourists by chance

unnamed (1)


Venice, Italy

We both live in Rome and after a few years celebrating New Years abroad, we thought it was time to celebrate back in Italy. We decided on Venice, as it was a city Giulia had not been to in a few years and we thought it would be a romantic way to bring in 2013. We decided to stay in a monastery a few hundred meters from Piazza San Marco, in the heart of it all. The night started in one of the wonderful ‘Calle’ where we enjoyed a typical seafood dinner, with a wonderful bottle of Prosecco (the best are produced in Veneto!). Straight after dinner, we headed towards Piazza San Marco – now picture thousands of people, the basilica, the opera house, the Correr museum and St. Marks bell tower, all lit up with the lights of celebration and music. We danced and talked to the tourists and locals alike, about how beautiful it all was. As the clock brings in 2014, the sky fills with an amazing pyrotechnics show and the entire piazza cheering and the vibe incredible. It was simply a wonderful experience and recommend you all try Venice at least once in a lifetime.

Luke Marlin from Backstreet Nomad

Sydney, Australia

New Year’s Eve is great. You go out to the city where you aren’t supposed to drink publicly, and where you are constantly crushed by the thousands of people waiting for a 20 minute firework show. What’s not to love? That is of course unless you happen to know someone who lives a stone’s throw away from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the best viewing spots in the city in fact. A few ago I had the privilege of watching the best fire works in the world sprawled out in a fenced off private lawn while the rest of city jostled for elbow room 15 metres away. All the while drinking the beers without a cop or a stranger to worry about. The company was sublime and the view spectacular. And we didn’t even have to fight the crowds on the way out because we had the luxury of waiting it out upstairs. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what, but who you know.

Taoufiq Haesen from Memories Of Morocco



Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao, a laid back island in Thailand, and not too crowded. It’s a great place to party on the beach, and watch fireworks over the sea and celebrate New Year’s Eve. You’ll meet a lot of backpackers who have also decided to escape their home country over the holidays. It’s also one of the best places to go diving in Thailand.



Iceland, Reykjavík

New Years Eve in Reykjavik is something special; almost every single citizen takes part in lighting up the sky at midnight, creating a legendary, almost war-like, firework display. In Iceland fireworks are sold by the National Association for Search and Rescue, so nobody feels guilty in spending a lot of money (sometimes a few thousand dollars!)  to buy fireworks to support this much needed, voluntary association. The evening usually starts with a festive family dinner, followed by a trip to the local bonfire which are held in every neighborhood in Reykjavik. At 22:30 the streets go empty as everyone watches the “Áramótaskaup”, an annual New Year’s Eve comedy show that makes fun of the major events and news of the past year. After that it’s time to put on your protective googles and some warm clothes and start bombing! Alternatively you can just stand by with a glass of champagne and watch as 500 tons of fireworks light up the sky!



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    Thanks for this post, it has giving me great ideas for next year’s New Year’s eve. Especially the one in Taipei and Venice sound really special! Happy holidays!
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      Thank you Dominque! Looking forward to visit some of those places ourselves 🙂 You also have to witness the firework madness in Iceland, it’s something special!

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