Helicopter Flight in Iceland With Norðurflug

Helicopter Iceland Norðurflug 9

Bachelorette Party

On a sunny day in August me and my friends decided to throw one of our closest friend a bachelorette party. She was about to get married later in the year and we had the whole day planned for her. We decided that this time we wanted to do something different and spontaneous, so we decided to call up the most famous helicopter company in Iceland – Norðurflug.

We started the day out with a big brunch, with loads of bacon and flowing champagne. After a few glasses of samosa, we dressed her up in an appropriate bachelorette outfit. The next step was to blindfold her, throw her in a car and drive to the local airport in Reykjavík where the helicopter would take us for a flight. The day was absolutely perfect to go for a flight, the sky was clear with a few clouds and the sun was shining.

Breakfast Buffet

Helicopter flight over Reykjavík

As soon as we met our pilot we knew that we were in good hands. His name was Martin and he was from Denmark/Greenland. The helicopter was shiny red and bigger then we had imagined. It didn’t take us a long to jump in and buckle up.

Few minutes later we took of. It was a weird feeling to be lifted in the air like some super-sized human just picked you up. It was such a different experience from when an airplane is taking off. As soon as we were in the air we got some truly unique views of the city area. It was one of the first times I had seen Reykjavík from above on such a clear day. The pilot explained our route and gave us useful information during the flight, pointed out all the magical mountaintops and surrounding fjords.

Helicopter Iceland Norðurflug1 Helicopter Iceland Norðurflug1 Helicopter Iceland Norðurflug1 Helicopter Iceland Norðurflug1

Mountain Landing

When we through the trip couldn’t get any better, the pilot took a sharp turn towards the famous city mountain Esja. He flew right above the peaks and finally made a smooth landing at the top. At that point we got the chance to jump out and pop a bottle of champagne! Seriously, I’ve never felt so fancy in my life! Landing with a helicopter on a mountain and make a toast with my best friend and a handsome pilot (sorry Andri, haha….)

Helicopter Iceland Norðurflug 9 Helicopter Iceland Norðurflug 9 Helicopter Iceland Norðurflug 9 Helicopter Iceland Norðurflug 9

Smooth Landing

As we all know, Iceland has a reputation for having some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. On this helicopter tour you will get a bird’s eye view of the peaks and rivers around the city. Visitors can also opt for the glacier tours that will fly over the highlands and do a landing on one of the glaciers. That’s already on my bucket list!

After 1 hour we returned safely to Reykjavik, deeply impressed by the view and the thrilling experience. We almost didn’t want it to end.

Helicopter rides not only provide visitors with a truly unique view, they are also a thrilling and entertaining experience. In addition, helicopter tours are often the only way visitors can witness some of the most remote areas of Iceland. For example a big part of the Icelandic highlands are inaccessible by land, so flying is the only way that a visitor can view large portions of this beautiful piece of paradise.

Helicopter Iceland Norðurflug 9

Of course, it’s an expensive adventure but honestly – no money in the world can replace such experiences!
If you are interested you can check out the helicopter tours that Norðurflug offers here. 

The helicopter flight was definitely the highlight of the day and we had a very happy bride to be!

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