Iceland inspired clothing brand, Dimmblá

Iceland inspired clothing brand, Dimmblá

The name Iceland might just as well refer to the coolness of modern day Icelandic design. Icelanders are a creative bunch, and blissfully unrestrained by tradition. This has resulted in many beautiful brands popping up which you will notice when walking around downtown Reykjavík.

Usually I’m blogging about interesting places to visit in Iceland, but today I want to share with you an Icelandic clothing brand called Dimmblá. The name of the brand translates as dark blue or deep blue and was founded by an Icelandic designer, Heiðrún Ósk.

One of my shots from Vatnajökull glacier

Sustainable fashion brand

Dimmblá is a brand where the design totally reflects the diverse nature of Iceland. In this arctic island you will find volcanoes, icy glaciers, green moss and colorful geothermal areas. Dimmblá’s collection will take you across all these landscapes through imprints on their fabric which is both super classy and made from high quality fabric.

I can’t describe how excited I am that I discovered their collection. Not only are their clothes beautiful but they are also a sustainable fashion brand. Unlike many fashion brands, Dimmblá’s aims to have a positive impact on the environment. They do so, by using sustainable fabrics, reducing waste and use less water during production. On top of that, for every piece sold, a donation goes toward those who directly support our natural world.

“For every piece sold in Dimmblá’s collection, a donation goes toward those who directly support our natural world”


All their pieces, both dresses, tops and scarfs are made from high quality fabric which has a long lifetime. Some of them are even made of banana fabric, which comes from the stem that farmers throw away after harvesting.

I chose their Areyri Cold Shoulder silk dress which is influenced by the vast and unpredictable volcanic sands and rivers. It’s in fact made from a real image of Markarfljót river that the documentary photographer Ragnar Axelsson shot. The dress suits both for fancy occasions as well as keeping it casual at work.


They have many types of scarfs and each one of them belongs to a special collection that has a certain theme and a story to tell.

The Glacial Collection

I knew immediately that the Glacial Collection was my favorite with the dominant blue colors and icy patterns. The Glacial collection also reflects the threat of global warming and its effect on the world’s glaciers, which really moves my heart. The collection features photos of icebergs and glaciers in Iceland that one day may become a thing of the past.

On top of that, when you purchase a piece from the Glacial Collection, a donation goes to Oceana, a non-profit ocean conservation organisation. How awesome is that!

Varmi scarf and Leir scarf

These scarfs are designed with inspiration sought from the highlands of Iceland. They are made of soft organic cotton and peace silk, belonging to the GEO collection. The highlands of Iceland are very fragile and contain a diverse nature of volcanoes, glaciers and colourful hot springs and mud pools. This time, for every piece sold a donation goes towards the establishment of a national park in the central highland of Iceland.

One thing is for sure, the world needs more brands like Dimmblá. The modern fashion industry is dramatically impacting the environment in a negative way. Sustainable clothing can be more expensive, but you’re choosing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. If you want to check out more of Dimmblá’s collection I’d recommend their website here.

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