Lovely visit to Friðheimar Greenhouse

A visit to Friðheimar Greenhouse

I have been planning to visit Friðheimar for more than 2 years now! Even Kim Kardashian managed to do it before me. I finally got to visit this magical place last week! Friðheimar is a family run tomato farm in Iceland located in a small town called Reykholt at the South Coast of Iceland. This makes it a perfect stopover during the Golden Circle to learn how all year tomato horticulture works in Iceland and to try some of their freshly mad tomato products.

Hot spring located close to Friðheimar

The Area

It’s a unique experience to enter the warm and bright greenhouses at Friðheimar. You’ll smell the aroma of the tomato plants and inside its warm and cosy no matter what the weather is outside. Guided tours can be obtained from the area and information about the gardening and growing process.

A very nice girl walked with me and explained how the tomatoes are grown all year round despite long and dark winters. Apparently they use geothermal power to heat the greenhouse all year long where they put emphasis on using green energy and organic pesticides. As we walked around, we saw bees flying between plants, which are around 600 in total and are an important part of the cultivation process. I was also told during our visit, that Friðheimar holds about 18% of the whole local tomato market in Iceland.

The Restaurant

The restaurant offers a variety of goodies, including their famous tomato soup, freshly baked bread and a variety of exciting drinks. Even The Guardian named their bloody mary as the best in the world! 

After walking around the area, I sat down in order to try some of their dishes. We had the tomato soup, their specialty, and a variety of home made bread and really fresh cucumber salsa. I can not describe how good the food was and now I finally understand the hype around this place! My favourite dish was without a doubt the dessert, which was a kind of a cheese cake with honey and crumbles, served in a flowerpot.

There is a small store in the reception where you can buy fresh tomatoes, pasta sauces and more. Friðheimar is also doing some horse breeding, with around 20 horses in the area, so every day in the afternoon you can enjoy their horse show.

Perfect pit-stop all year round

A pit-stop in Friðheimar is perfect all year around when travelling in Iceland, since it’s always summer inside the greenhouse! But make sure to reserve a table in advance, as the place is very popular and can only host few at a time.

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    Courtney Blacher
    June 12, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Hi Asa, you’re so beautiful!! I’ve never heard of Friðheimar Greenhouse, but it looks so cool.

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