We are going to Morocco!

Everyone that has been following our blog for a while knows that we are a big fan of the Middle East. Maybe it’s because Ása used to live in Turkey and then we spent over 2 months traveling Iran, Oman and Egypt. There is just something about the food, climate, desert landscape and the local culture that fascinates us. There is just nothing that compares to sitting in one of the cute cafés filled with the cushions and the air is saturated with shisha smoke. Sit, relax and drink some tea and eat fresh dates.

This time it’s Morocco

So this easter we decided that Morocco would be our next destination. Visiting Morocco has been a dream of our for a long time. We’ve always wanted to overnight at the riads, explore maze-like medinas, and drink tea with Berbers. Technically Morocco isn’t a part of the Middle East, but it has many similarities, with it’s beautiful mosques, old bathhouses and food culture.

We will spend 10 days in the country with a full program traveling from the coast in the North down to the deserts in the South. We decided to rent our own car so we can easily get between our stops.

The cheapest hotels in the world

Before our trip, we’ve queried a number of friends about their experiences. We’ve heard greatly spoken about the hospitality of the locals and that you could get beautiful hotels and riads all around Morocco for cheap price. As we look at trends in the hospitality industry today, we (as travelers ourselves) are always looking for rich and meaningful cultural experiences that will leave us with the most vivid of memories. I guess Morocco guarantees to provide that and we are so excited to find out!

Follow our travels this easter

If you want to follow our travels, we will share our experience through Instagram: @asasteinars and Snapchat: “fromicetospice”

Have you ever been to Morocco? We would love to hear about your experience!

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