Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel, Turkey

Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel

We got the chance to stay at Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel a all-inclusive hotel in Side. Let me tell you all about it

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Turkey has had a special place in my heart ever since I was 16 years old and travelled there with my family for the first time. I remember we all fell in love with the friendly locals, delicious food, colourful culture and the beautiful coastline.

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Who knew that 8 years later I would find myself working as a tour guide at the exact same location! In 2014 I moved to Antalya where I worked as a guide for 6 months. During that period I got an even deeper understanding of the culture and my love towards Turkey only became stronger.

Since then I’ve learned a few words and phrases (“merhaba”, “hozgaldiniz”), lead excursions to the Taurus mountains and entertained as a pirate on a cruise down the Manavgat river. Now Turkey is my home away from home and I’m going to try to share with you my favourite travel secrets about the area.

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My first post will be dedicated to the small holiday town Side and the family hotel Pegasos World.


Side is a fascinating town lying on the south shore of Turkey between two bigger towns Antalya and Alanya. Most travellers fly to Antalya airport and from there it takes a little more than an hour by car to reach Side. What I love about Side is the mix of new and old; here you can find modern infrastructure amidst well-preserved Roman monuments distributed around the area.

In this beautiful town you will get a feeling of mythological history with sea, sand and sun, with warm weather, warm water and calm seas at least six months of the year, best from May to September. You can easily spend your time shopping in the exciting shops or go for a walk along the sea and enjoy the magical atmosphere surrounded by the famous ruins.

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Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel, Turkey – An all inclusive family hotel

Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel is a family resort located 10 minutes away from Side. When you arrive at hotel you will realize how big the hotel complex really is, it even might take some time to get an overview of the area.

It consists of a main building with restaurants, bars, wellness center and shops. With numerous room buildings scattered away from the pool, so it is a quiet and cozy holiday atmosphere when you walk around on the paths between the houses. There is a 24-hour front desk with multilingual staff that’s always ready to help out and answer any questions regarding the area.

A little bit further from the main building lies a private beach, an outdoor pool and a colourful water park.

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Activities for everyone

It can be hard to choose from the unbelievable range of activities at Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel. Offering tennis, bike rental, beach volley ball, archery, dart, football, aerobics, pilates and the list goes on. On top of that is live entertainment every day, live music, and high-quality shows on the premises.

You an also stop by at the resort’s market to shop, play arcade games or get your hair done at hotel’s saloon.

My favourite activities were the archery and the volley ball, we also took part in aqua aerobics which was super fun and made us feel less guilty about all the delicious food we were eating.

There’s also a daily entertainment program around the pool area and at the big outdoor stage after dinner. The hotel has it’s own entertainment team, and after staying few days you feel like they have are a part of your family. It was seriously hard to say goodbye to them!

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….even for the kids

Even the young ones have range of clubs to choose from to keep the entertained throughout the day. Kids can join Captain Nemo’s club and dress like pirates and have fun with facial painting and role play.

The Chill Out club is dedicated to teenagers 12-16 years of age who can escape their parents for a while, listen to music and hang out with others.

Among other programs for the kids you can join swimming and dance lessons.

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All inclusive stay

The best thing about staying at Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel, is the fact that you can leave your wallet at the hotel room. Everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner to late night snacks and local drinks are included. This makes for a such an indulgent experience and you never have to worry about “spending” too much. At the dinner buffét you can watch the chefs prepare various courses on different station in the restaurant hall. There is so much variety to choose from that you’ll never get tired of the food. The resort even has its own ice cream parlour offering delicious ice cream throughout the day, and of course it’s included in the all inclusive price!

There are many benefits of choosing an all-inclusive vacation. First, they take the guessing game out of the cost of your vacation by letting you pay for all of your meals up front. Second, having every thing included makes your trip to Turkey incredibly easy to plan. Once you arrive at the resort, everything has already been thought of and is ready and waiting upon your arrival.

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Ala Carte

In case you get tired of the buffet, the guests at Pegasos World can choose between three ala carte restaurants: Turkish, Italian and Asian. Guests get to dine at one of those restaurants for free every week. All domestic drinks are included but if you want to get a bottle of wine or imported drinks then have to pay separately for it.

Our favourites were the Chinese and Italian. There is nothing nicer than sitting with a charming view over the beach eating dinner with a nice glass of wine.

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The water park

Pegasos World opened it’s very own water park two years ago, so you don’t have to worry about catching a bus, entry fees or locker keys, as it’s right on your doorstep. How cool is that?!

If you have kids it’s the perfect place to keep them entertained so you can relax by the pool in peace and quiet, or perhaps even join in the fun! The water park is lots of fun and a great way to cool down as a vacation in Turkey can get HOT!

The park consists of many different water slides that get the adrenaline flowing and a great toddler water play area. Each water slide has different thrill level and speed. Our favourite slide was the boomerang – you speed down fast then shoot up in the air, before coming back down again. Lots of fun!

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The swimming pool

For us the most striking facility was the humongous swimming pool!

It is really the resorts crown jewel with almost 10.000 square meters of pool area, with various depth levels for all age groups. In this are you’ll find mini-slides for the youngest and even a pirate ship that never disappoints. The pool area encircles an island in the middle that boasts the Long John Silver Bar that offers cold drinks along throughout the day.

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Spa area

If you love luxury, you should give the hotel’s spa a visit. There you’ll find a lovely 450 m² indoor pool, jacuzzi, steam, hamam and different relaxing treatments to choose from.

When visiting Turkey everyone should experience hamam or Turkish bath at least once. It starts with relaxation in a room that is heated by a continuous flow of hot and dry air. Then you will receive a full body wash with a following massage and lastly you will go for a relaxation in the cooling-room. It’s advised to start your summer holiday with a visit to the hamam as your skin will be smooth and makes it ready for the sun, resulting in a long lasting tan.


The beach

Just a few steps from the pool area is  a short trail to the hotels private beach. There you can enjoy a 600 meter stretch of a white sand beach exclusively for hotel guests. Most of all this are is surprisingly quiet compared to the pool area so come her for maximum relaxation and take swim in warm Mediterranean Sea. On the beach you’ll find a nice shaded area with sun loungers and a cozy beach bar for sunset cocktails on the beach. If you’re up for some water sports you can go parasailing or rent a jet ski.

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Water Sports

The hotel’s beach isn’t just a great place to get a tan, it’s also a place that offers endless outdoor activities. Whether you want to do something more relaxing or thrill-filled activity, the beach has something to offer for everyone who wants to get their feet wet, figuratively and literally! You can chose between parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat and endless other water activities.

A jet-skill is a great way to move fast on the water while getting a great view of the shoreline that you’re zooming past. For those who love thrills, it’ll be one of the most exciting  things you can experience on the water.

We chose to do the Parasailing where we got the chance to fly two together and enjoy the scenic views of the hotel.





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If you want to explore more of Turkey, there are numerous of excursions to chose from the hotel. You can go diving, river rafting in the Taurus mountains or go on a lazy day cruise alongside the beautiful coastline.

You can always ask the staff at the hotel to book it for you.

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Why should you chose Pegasos World?

Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel with its personalised service and unmatched views, therefore is one of the finest family hotels we have stayed at so far. Our top three highlights were the endless activities to chose from, the búfé offering everything our taste buds were craving, and lastly the unbeatable swimming pool area.

Hence, if you ever pass decide to go on a vacation in Turkey we truly recommend staying at the Pegasos World!

Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel, Turkey Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel, Turkey Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel, Turkey Suntopia Pegasos World Hotel, Turkey

Helpful tips

  • If you want to eat at the ala carte, it’s best to reserve early as it can get fully booked.
  • Use the dalaman (bus) to get around rather than a taxi. It is a lot cheaper and literally run every couple of minutes outside the hotel.
  • Reserve early to get the best price.

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